We Have Exciting News!

We all love our pets and want to be able to provide the best for them. However, for many households providing the best for our pets can be challenging to budget.

With that in mind, Mountain Road Animal Hospital is excited to introduce the Optimum Care Plan for your pets. The Optimum Care Plan groups the core services your pet should receive every year, paid through convenient monthly payments. This easy and affordable solution allows you to make monthly payments (via debit/credit card) on your account, over the span of one year (renewable yearly).

The Optimum Care Plans provide the preventive health care that will help your pet throughout their life. These plans offer peace of mind for both you and your furry family members. To decide which plan may be best for you please feel free to contacts us:

=> By phone: 506-382-0061
=> By email: info@mountainroadvet.com

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Wellness Plans Now Available at Mountain Road

Mountain Road Animal Hospital’s New Optimum Care Plans offer core services to your pet paid through convenient monthly payments. Depending on the plan that you choose, it may include:

  • Up to five no-charge office visits
  • Routine vaccines
  • Fecal checks (for prevention or to rule out parasites)
  • Routine blood work (to keep tabs on your pet’s internal health better)
  • Simple (no sedation) nail trims
  • Dental cleanings
  • An additional discount of up to 10% off other products and services (parasite prevention, food, etc.)
  • For kittens/puppies, this will also include their neuter (spay/castration)

Written by Mountain Road Animal Hospital