Pet Acupuncture Services

Just like with humans, pet acupuncture can help with chronic pain conditions, inflammatory conditions, and more! At Mountain Road Animal Hospital we have pet acupuncture, pet electro-acupuncture, and pet therapeutic laser therapy to help your furry friends feel their best.

Learn more about pet acupuncture at Mountain Road Animal Hospital:

Learn more about Acupuncture

What is Acupuncture?

In one word, “Neuro-modulation”. By inserting very thin sterile needles at specific sites throughout the body rich with neurologic receptors, we can stimulate the release of the body’s own endorphins and pain-relieving chemicals. Helping to return the body’s autonomic nervous system to a more balanced state. In doing so, we can help patients manage chronic pain conditions more effectively. Help boost their immune functions, manage chronic inflammatory conditions, and help stimulate a return to normal neurologic function.

The list of conditions in which acupuncture can be of benefit is extensive. The two most common conditions include pain management for chronic arthritic disease and to help stimulate a return to normal neurologic function following a spinal cord injury. In theory, any organ or body region where the nervous system is involved can be “neuro-modulated” and benefit from acupuncture.

Other conditions where acupuncture has shown added benefit in addition to regular medical management practices include digestive disturbances (constipation, Inflammatory bowel disease), urinary issues (incontinence, cystitis), allergies, anxiety, etc.

If you think your pet could benefit from acupuncture, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

What is Electro-acupuncture?

Electro-acupuncture is a complementary part of regular acupuncture in which an electrical stimulator set at a specific frequency is attached to the acupuncture needles. The frequency used depends on the type of nerve fibres (acute vs. chronic pain) being stimulated. It tends to provide a stronger neurologic response which is especially helpful in patients with decreased neurologic function.

What is Therapeutic Laser Therapy?

In one word “photo-bio-modulation”. Using a specific wavelength of light (photons) to stimulate the body at a cellular level to help accelerate healing, improve blood flow and decrease inflammation. It also has antibacterial properties. Laser therapy can stimulate the nervous system to help manage painful and/or inflammatory conditions.

Which patients would benefit from therapeutic laser therapy?

Any pet with an infection, inflammation, swelling and/or pain. Examples include abscessed anal glands, acute and chronic ear infections, urinary disorders, skin infections and wounds, arthritic pain, inflammatory bowel disease, constipation, kidney disease, fracture healing, gingivitis, lick granulomas, etc.

If you think your pet has a condition that would benefit from laser therapy,  we are happy to schedule you an appointment!

How long does a session last? Will my pet like it?

Most pets enjoy their secession and usually become very relaxed. How long a session will last can vary depending on the number of conditions being treated. A typical acupuncture secession will last about 40-60 minutes. And often includes some laser therapy and medical-massage. A typical laser secession, if used alone without acupuncture, will be about 20-30 minutes.

The number and frequency of sessions needed will depend on the condition(s) and the individual pet’s response to the therapy. For a typical arthritic issue, pets are seen weekly for 2-3 weeks, then we gradually start to space the secessions out to find which frequency works best for your pet.

If you think your pet has a condition that would benefit from acupuncture, please give us a call 506-382-0061 to set up a consultation.