Many of you have noticed the donation jar on our countertop and seen some of the promotions we have done over the years to try to raise funds.

However, many people still don’t know what the OSCAR Fund is so I’m going to explain it.

OSCAR stands for Offering Subsidized Care for Animal Recovery. The OSCAR Fund was created to help those pets who are in need of medical help when the owner does not have the financial means to support him/her. We’ve all been there, fallen on hard times and of course, it always seems to be that our pets become ill at the worst times. The funds are not used to support things such as regular visits/vaccines or minor ailments but for more serious and urgent life-threatening situations.

The collection jar is nestled on our countertop and we appreciate every dime that’s dropped into it. You all have no idea what this means to a very sick pet. Please feel free to donate. Every little bit helps.  Remember, it just may be YOUR pet that’ll need the help down the road.

One of the promotions that we are currently running to help build up our OSCAR Fund is half priced Nail Trims. This will be running for the months of November and December. Feel free to give us a call at 506.382.0061 if you’d like to take advantage of the savings while also helping a pet in need.

Written by: Mountain Road Animal Hospital