Gabby & Pumpkin by Lisa Michalik

On Sept 29, 2014 a client came into our clinic, holding in her hands a little something that was about to change our technician, Gabby’s life for the next 15-20 yrs. In this clients hand was an itty bitty, orange tabby kitten. She found this little kitten abandoned in a ditch. She surrendered the kitten to our hospital.

Our team immediately got started on saving this precious baby’s life. He was suffering from hypothermia – the thermometer wouldn’t even read his body temp so it was less than 34 degrees celcius (normal is 37.7-39.0) He was beyond thin and malnourished, incredibly weak – he couldn’t even stand – and severely dehydrated. His prognosis was very bleak. He surrendered himself and laid there lifeless as the team pulled together and did what had to be done. Lots of warm blankets and water bottles to bring body temperature back up… warmed IV fluids to aid in bringing body temperature up but more importantly to rehydrate and help nourish him. He was oh so tiny at a mere 12 ozs. His estimated age was 5-6 weeks.

A few short hours later the little guy started perking up a little bit. He was still incredibly weak but was at least opening his eyes and appeared more aware of his surroundings. Gabby, who was currently in her last trimester of pregnancy, and clearly in the nesting phase herself (haha!) decided to adopt him. It would have been either her or one of us! She took him home for the night… still very guarded with his prognosis.

Imagine our surprise when she walked into work the next morning with him standing up in the kennel looking more alive than ever! Gabby was able to get him to eat kitten formula during the night and got his body temperature back to within normal range. He came out of that kennel with amazing determination and stood his ground. You could clearly see him staring death in the eyes and saying “Not a chance! I’m not ready for you yet!”

The team proceeded with bloodwork. The results were surprisingly very good and he was FeLV/FIV negative. He was offered canned food along with his formula and he ate with incredible gusto. This little dude was NOT messin around… he meant business! His faint cries from the night before were now tiny screams of “Love me! Hold me! Pet me!”  A lover as well as a fighter.

Gabby has named him Pumpkin. We are now all looking forward to watching him grow.  Thank you Gabby for opening your heart and home to him 🙂