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Holiday Schedule 2016

Mountain Road will be running on a special holiday schedule starting December 23rd.


Safety Tips for Your Pet During the Holiday’s

Food Part of the Holiday season is the food.  While there are lots of treats your pet can have, here are some of the most common ones that are toxic or dangerous for them.


Rats in Moncton’s North End!

 It was recently reported in the local news that the mild weather we’ve been having has led to a rise in the rat population in the city and its residential areas.   This immediately made me think,  “Are my ‘city dogs’ at as great a risk of catching Leptospirosis as my…

Dogs In Hot Cars

It is beyond sad that this needs to be said, but every year many pets suffer this EASILY PREVENTABLE yet horrific demise. People still FAIL to realize the tragic results of leaving their dogs in a hot car. There is a lot of awareness about this, to the point that…