Safety Tips for Your Pet During the Holiday’s

Part of the Holiday season is the food.  While there are lots of treats your pet can have, here are some of the most common ones that are toxic or dangerous for them.  Keep these items safely stored away from your counter or table surfing 4-legged family members.

Chocolate, coffee, tea, grapes/raisins, xylitol (artificial sweetener), raw dough/unbaked breads (leavening agents), alcohol, avocado, fresh coconut (flesh, milk, oils), macadamia nuts, nuts (oils=pancreatitis), onions/garlic/chives (raw and cooked), salty foods, raw/undercooked meat/eggs, milk/milk products


Pets sometimes eat the strangest things, and during the holidays, there are lots of new items for them to explore.  Many items pose a hazard from being a poison, an intestinal blockage, choking hazard and severe gastric upset.  Keep these, and any other things you do not want your pet to get into securely out of their reach.

Tobacco, vaping capsules, E-juice, bones, recreational drugs, toys, scented candles, Scentsy type wickless candles, air fresheners, garbage (kitchen, bathroom, other), compost


Holidays are all about family, friends and celebrations.  There are often lots of people coming and going, or you are visiting.  Along with these come many scary and potentially dangerous situations for our pets.  Protect your pet by keeping these out of reach, by providing a safe & quiet retreat for your pet away from the hustle and bustle and have a collar and name tag & microchipped pet. 

Guests, strangers, children, medications that guests/hosts may have in their luggage or within pets reach, fireworks, loud noises, music, escaping out open doors/gates, rock salt/ice melts, antifreeze, frostbite, hypothermia

Plants & Decorations

The holidays are not complete without decorations.  While beautiful, these can pose significant and potentially life-threatening hazards for our furry friends.

Poinsettias, holly berries, mistletoe, tinsel, garland, popcorn strings, needles & threads, tree bark, tree stand water/chemicals, glass decorations, unstable tree/tree stands, hot lights, electrical cords, edible decorations, ribbons, wrapping supplies

Holiday Hours MRAH

Dec 23rd 8-6, Dec 24 9-noon, Dec 28 & 29 8-8, Dec 30 8-6, Dec 31 9-noon, Jan 3 8-8

Closed – Dec 25, 26, 27, Jan 1 & 2

24-hour Emergencies – Riverview Animal Hospital – 506 387 4015, 550 Pine Glen Road, Riverview