Five Questions to Ask Your Vet for Your Pet’s Annual Exam

Many of us know by now that we should be doing something to help prevent tartar and gingivitis in our animals,

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The Scoop About Cat Litter

Have you ever walked into a pet/grocery store and found yourself standing in the cat litter section with a look of total bewilderment?

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Need to Knows for First Time Pet Owners “by Holly”

Hi and happy holidays everyone! My name is Holly. I’m the current resident of Mountain Road Animal Hospital.  I love it here but sadly my life didn’t start out so great. My 1st owners decided, when I was merely knee-high to a leprechaun, that I was too much responsibility.  They weren’t so nice to me […]

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What It’s Like to Get a Vet Exam

So, there you find yourself sitting in the waiting room of the Veterinary clinic amongst many other clients and patients.

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Community Animal Hospital

Dear valued client of Community Animal Hospital, We have some exciting news...

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These people are the best, from the receptionists to the vets and the techs. They really care about…

Nicole Williams

I have been going to this Animal Clinic for many years and the staff are always friendly, knowledgeable and take…

Dianne Long

AWESOME service. Very caring staff.

Donna Leblanc

Thank you a million times dr.hobbs and the staff, you treated my Chumbley yesterday for ingesting a battery ... He…

Lynne Martin