Let’s Dog Park It!

Moncton and surrounding area have many beautiful parks! All of which are open 365 days a year for your enjoyment. It’s important for dogs to socialize with others and to run and romp around. This is wonderful exercise for both your dog and you!

Off-leash parks: One is located right inside of Moncton’s Centennial Park. The other is located in Riverview at the end of Biggs Drive behind the tennis courts. These beautiful parks are sectioned into two: one side is for the bigger dogs, the other side is for the smaller dogs. These parks come equipped with a shaded shelter, park benches, picnic tables, poop bags, garbage cans and water troughs in both sections. These parks both have *rules* posted at the entry gates.

Leashed parks – Mapleton Park and Irishtown Nature Park both offer beautiful walking trails. Dobson Trail also offers a spectacular walking trail. Out of respect for others it is required that your dog be on a leash since these trails are often frequented by hikers, joggers, nature lovers just out enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery. It is important to remember that not all people are great with dogs, and not all dogs are great with other dogs. Some people are downright terrified of dogs. Your Fido may hold the title for Mr. or Miss Congeniality but, to a person who fears dogs, shouting out “He’s friendly!” or “He just wants to say hi!” as he bolts toward them, will never be reassuring enough.

Everyone should read and abide by the rules for each park/trail to help make it a pleasant experience for all.

It’s critically important, regardless of which park or trail you choose to frequent, that your dog is up to date on vaccinations, deworming and parasite protection. Dogs in close vicinity of each other can easily transmit diseases, just like people.

Have fun and play safe!