How Do I Know If My Pet Has a Skin Condition?

The main signs it is time to take your pet to the veterinarian for a skin exam (dermatologic exam) are:

  • Itching (pruritus), scratching, licking (barbering), nibbling, chewing, rubbing on objects enough to cause damage to the coat and skin.
  • Soapy, waxy, greasy or dirty feeling to the coat even after you have bathed them.
  • Dandruff (dry seborrhea) in their coat – no matter what you do.
  • Hair loss (alopecia).
  • Fur that is stained pink (porphyrin staining) from saliva- commonly on the feet, around the eyes, ears, mouth and around the tail/bum (perianal area).
  • Sores, wounds that will not heal.
  • Always has scabs/crusting on their skin.
  • Bad smell to their coat, ears, feet.
  • Ears that smell bad have brown, yellow or green debris in them.
  • Pet shakes their head/ears a lot.
  • Colour change to the skin – usually red (erythema) or black (hyperpigmentation).
  • Skin that feels and looks thick and bumpy (lichenification).
  • Anal glands that don’t empty on their own.

If you think that your pet has any of the clinical signs, it is time to make an appointment with your veterinarian for a dermatology exam. Give us a call at 506.382.0061 to book an appointment.

Written by: Dr. Nichelle Peck, DVM

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