Have You Heard the Buzz About Optimum Care?

Optimum Care is a new program that we, here at the Mountain Road Animal Hospital, have implemented to help make veterinary care more affordable for our clients.
It’s a monthly payment plan (renewable every year). There are various packages that you can purchase, and your monthly payments will be determined by whichever plan you choose. You choose the plan that’s affordable and suited best to you and your pet’s needs. Pets of ANY age can be enrolled, and the savings are incredible!

The enrollment is simple – you pay the first monthly payment and enrollment fee (one time fee, a second pet would receive 50% discount off the enrollment fee and any additional pets have no enrollment fee at all) up front, read and sign a simple contract and document that permits the monthly withdrawals from your bank account by debit, or charges to your credit card. You can even choose to pay the full 12-month amount up front and then enjoy the rewards.

If you find that your chosen plan does not suit your needs, you always have the option to upgrade your plan at any time during the year. However, if you choose to downgrade, that would need to occur at the year anniversary date.

Broken down, this is what just ONE of our packages looks like:

Puppy Enhanced

  • Five office visits (no more trying to decide if your pet is ill enough to spend the money on a veterinary visit that may turn out to have not been needed – this is peace of mind!)
  • Routine puppy vaccination series (puppies need multiple core vaccines during their first year, these would all be covered)
  • Six nail trims (allow us to set your pet up for easy future nail trims at home, by frequent trims when they are young)
  • Four dewormings (puppies need multiple dewormings, they are all born with roundworms)
  • Fecal test (in the event of unexplained soft-stools)
  • Nutritional consultation (an absolute MUST for a growing puppy to help prevent future medical issues)
  • Pre-anesthetic blood work (health screen and gives baseline results, so we have something to compare to if/when your pet needs blood work done later in life)
  • Spay or neuter (another absolute must)
  • 10% discount on additional products/services (who doesn’t love discounts?)

If you were to pay for all of the above separately, it would be a total of over $1000. However, when signed up on the Optimum Care plan, with affordable monthly payments spread out over 12 months, you save between 30-50%!

So the question is not “Why would you?” but rather “Why WOULDN’T you?”

Written by Mountain Road Animal Hospital