Does My Cat Love Me?

Anybody who’s ever been owned by a cat has asked themselves this question at least once.

Some cats are very aloof, almost all are highly independent and all are quite narcissistic which often makes a person wonder if their cat even cares that they exist at all or if they DO exist, then it’s merely to cater to them and be sure their food dish is full (at ALL times!) Dogs seem born to please their owners, whereas cats seem born to be served.

That being said, if you’ve ever had the privilege of being loved and owned by a cat you’ll know it feels pretty special.

But how does one really know if their cat loves them? Well watch for these common signs:

  • The Slow Blink – You know what I mean. When kitty stares at you and does a slow half blink. “I absolutely adore you!”
  • Kneading – I like to call it making bread. “I am so happy and content.”
  • Brings you Gifts – And REALLY becomes confused and hurt when you react with a screech or disapproval – “Do you realize it took me 45 mins to chase down and kill that mouse? And it was all for you!”
  • Headbutts and Rubbing her/his cheek against you – “You’re all mine.”
  • Shows you his/her belly – This is a very vulnerable position for a cat. “I trust you and I feel safe.”
  • Tail – Fluffing out the base of their tail while slightly quivering it and curling the end. “I’m very happy!”
  • Nibbling – “I love you so much I could just eat you right up!”
  • Rubbing up against your leg – “You’re mine.”
  • Purring – “I love you.”
  • Follows you – “You’re my friend and I want to be with you.”

Written by Lisa Michalik, RVT