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Fall Fouls – 2 Common Medical Issues We Deal with

Certain ailments seem to ebb and flow in a veterinary hospital. Right now we are seeing an increase in skin/ear issues as well as urinary issues in both dogs & cats.

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“Meow, Meow, Meow:” Why Do Cats Meow?

All kitty moms and dads have been there at one time or another; wondered why their fur baby seems to aimlessly wander through the house crying and often during the quiet, middle of the night.

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Vet Clinics and Cat Visits

It’s that time of year, where the focus at the Mountain Road Animal Hospital is on cats. For the next couple of months, we will be hopefully knee-deep in kitties!

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Signs That Your Cat May Be Hiding Illness by Dr. Chantal Rittwage

When we think of cats in the wild, we think of them as predators and tend to forget that our domestic cats were also pretty tasty prey, once upon a time.  Because “only the strong survive”, cats have been genetically programmed to hide signs of illness for as long as possible and when they finally […]

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Helping Your Cat Adjust to New Surroundings by Lisa Michalik

Cats are beautiful creatures! Smart, entertaining, even majestic. Cats are also creatures of habit who DIS-like change. Cats are notorious for being stoic; putting on a brave front but in reality may not be coping so well. Some cats never appear to be affected by change and seem to have that go with the flow […]

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Fantastic service wouldn't go anywhere else.

Wf Kustomz Autobody

Excellent customer service and clients care

Adam Chawki

Caring staff and fast access to appointments.

Sherran Pitre

Love the staff here. I have been going here for over 10 yrs

Lindsay Horsman



Many of you have noticed the donation jar on our countertop and seen some of the promotions we have done over the years to try to raise funds.

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