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Ackkk! We have Fleas!

The best way to keep the fleas away is PREVENTION! Prevention is the absolute key when it comes to fleas. Do not think for one minute that Princess or Fido is immune to them. If you are not taking preventive measures there WILL come a time where your furry friend WILL pick up fleas. Let’s […]

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My Dog Has Worms?!

Did your dog vomit worms?  Have some in the feces?  Found little ‘rice-like’ segments stuck to the fur around the bum/tail, inching around?  Or simply had diarrhea and was found on fecal exam? This can obviously be disconcerting, but is relatively easy to take care of. Roundworms, Hookworms, Whipworms, and Tapeworms  . . . Oh […]

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I Found a Tick On My Dog! What Do I Do Now?! by Dr. Chantal Rittwage

Check for ticks, by to running your hands over the whole body, every time your pet comes back from an area you know is inhabited by ticks (ie: areas with tall grass and low lying shrubs).  Ticks attach most frequently around the pet’s head, ears, neck, and feet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t go […]

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How to Looks for Ticks by Lisa Michalik, Veterinary Technician

Ughhhh! It’s almost that time of year again. TICK SEASON! Ticks are most active during April-May and September-November. This does, however, vary according to weather conditions. Ticks can be found anywhere; most commonly in trees, bushes and grass. Different species of ticks populate different areas. For example, deer ticks (common carriers of Lyme disease) are found […]

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We are so pleased with the level of service and care we received. We are new clients to the clinic…

Lisa Kennedy

The vets and techs have always taken very good care of our two dogs and 4 cats. They are…

Lori Belliveau

Always very satisfied with the caring service from Mountain Road Animal Service. Sasha says thank you. Always receive quick…

Patricia Farrell

Best vet in Moncton hands down. Animals love going, treated with respect and very knowledgeable staff. Thank you

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Did you know that pet’s during an emergency may need a blood donation just like in humans? 

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