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10 Ways To Give Your Pet Their Healthiest Year Yet!

New Years Resolutions aren’t just for people.  We flip our mattresses in the spring and we check our smoke detectors when the time changes. How many of you think to check to be sure your pets’ city licenses, vaccines, health checks, microchip information, flea/worm treatments are all up to date? Surprisingly not many do. It’s always […]

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You Want Me To What? Dental Health for Pets by Melissa Michalik

Imagine going 24 hours without brushing your teeth. Now imagine going 10+ years. Unimaginable right? Disgusting right? Many pet owners, even the most diligent ones, fail to think about their pets’ teeth. The reality is that dental health is just as important to our pets’ health as it is ours. Dental disease is REAL. A […]

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Pet Dental Health Awareness Months

Dental Health for Pets in Moncton February 1st- March 31st If I were to ask you: “Out of all the ‘family’ members in your household, who has the worst dental hygiene?” the chances are pretty good that you would point to the dog or cat (our lil’ fur babies!).  Even though we love them, we […]

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Oral Inflammatory Disease in Cats by Dr. Rittwage

Written by Dr. Chantal Rittwage Forewarning:  There was no way to make this upbeat and interesting.  But there is lots of good information in here! Classic signs of a painful mouth are drooling, difficulty chewing hard food, preference for soft food or only licking juice off food, unwilling to drink cold water, anorexia or approaching […]

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4 Most Common Cancers in the Mouths of Cats & Dogs by Dr. Rittwage

Written by Dr. Chantal Rittwage If the mass is in the front of the mouth, most owners will notice it.  If the mass is in the back of the mouth or under the tongue, you may see  drooling (+/- blood tinged), loose teeth, swelling of the face or bulging eyes, nose bleeds, weight loss, bad […]

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We are so pleased with the level of service and care we received. We are new clients to the clinic…

Lisa Kennedy

The vets and techs have always taken very good care of our two dogs and 4 cats. They are…

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Always very satisfied with the caring service from Mountain Road Animal Service. Sasha says thank you. Always receive quick…

Patricia Farrell

Best vet in Moncton hands down. Animals love going, treated with respect and very knowledgeable staff. Thank you

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Did you know that pet’s during an emergency may need a blood donation just like in humans? 

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