Bird Services

Here at Mountain Road Animal Hospital, we see birds for general physical examinations.

What kind of birds do you service?

The type of birds we service are domesticated birds.

What type of services do you provide birds?

We are pleased to provide exams for your bird to evaluate their health and conditions. Also, please keep in mind that birds also do require grooming needs such has nail and beak trimming. Which are also services we provide for birds.

    So happy with our experience at Mountain Road Animal Hospital! My dog needed to be seen for an infected tooth,…

    Tiffany Wilkie

    Everyone here is completely focused on the well-being of their animal patients. They are simply amazing!

    John Martel

    Great Staff!! Have always taken great care of me and Bailey!! thanks

    Tirecraft Distribution Center

    Kind and knowledgeable staff. Flexible schedule.

    Shawna Davis

    May1/17. The information session on parasites presented this evening by Dr. Hamilton and Bianca Bourque was extremely interesting and…

    Martin Haynes


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