What You Need To Know About Commercial Diets

What your veterinary team wants you to know about pet foods.

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Help Your Pet Beat The Heat

Summertime is finally here and we welcome the sun and heat with open arms! Bring on the summer hikes, beach days and backyard barbecues! Although we may be excited, our pets may not be. Or maybe they are….  but as owners, we need to be aware of the new host of risks that come along […]

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What is Lyme Disease & How is it Transmitted?

Spring is coming!! Everyone is excited… including the TICKS! Here is what you need to know about Ticks, Lyme Disease and how to keep your pets safe!

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The Spay Neuter Debate – Fact or Fiction

Fiction – Anesthesia and surgery is not safe for puppies and kittens.

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Have You Looked in Your Pet’s Mouth Lately?

Periodontal Disease is an infection of the structures surrounding the teeth. This includes the gums (gingivitis), the ligaments that support the teeth (periodontal ligament), and the bone that surrounds each tooth (alveolar bone). It is a progressive disease if left untreated.

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May1/17. The information session on parasites presented this evening by Dr. Hamilton and Bianca Bourque was extremely interesting and…

Martin Haynes

Great spot with great staff - they take great care of all my furry family

Eric Gall

I just wanted to share my great experience with mountain road animal hospital. I lived in canada for 12 years…

Edd Field

Took great care of our new kitten for his surgery.

Christian Denton

Vets and staff are wonderful, go out of their to be helpful. I have 3 fur babies and will only…

Gisele Saulnier